I am Lexx.

Knight #21

​The Most Powerfull Warrior in the Universe. 

Drew & I want to share a few healthy tips for overall well being.

To your health. Cheers :)

You may have Problems that can be fixed with delicious everyday foods.

There is a beautiful semetrie to nature.

 Problems like low energy, emotional issues can be seen by everyone and can hurt your work and relationships as well as being a depresent. Just getting worse the longer it goes on.

Problems like low energy, emotional well being. Cancer and Lupus and even worse, could be fixed just by changing your diet.

Effected or put into remission with the right foods. 

Ultimately making a change in eating habits and life style can be difficult. Some don't even think that diet is the problem. But what if the problem could be fixed just by changing a few small things. Adding or even subtracting from you regular diet can make some big problems go away entiearly.  

Drew & I, along with one of my favor-ate guys... Avocado Wolf are going to give you all kind of healthy tips. Ultimately making you ​The Most Powerful Warrior in the Universe too. 

Start with some detoxing foods to get your systems ready for more good stuff.

Don't wait! Get off the couch. Start eating right. Get active and come play Kendoball.

You'll thank us later... 

Taking innitiative is the key. Take it one step at a time. One day at a time.

You can do it... 

So just do it!