Standerared Shinai









$19.95 Each

TWO for $29.95

The NKL Shinai

  Each one, customized to your needs by size and Branded with the NKL mark as well as the Official Kendoball mark on the Guard. Then specially treated for a full 2 weeks before you get it fully assembled.

We are customizing shinai as well and are working on a wide variety for you to choose from in the near future.

   In all my 30 years of training I have never come across the same process in which I treat my shinai. Nor have I ever heard of any one else using the same ingredients or process that I use.

So... I guess it's my secret recipe.

   By treating the wood with natural ingredients and trapping the moisture inside, it yields flexibility and strength to last for many years and many battles.

The Shinai was created by Chuo Nakanishi of Edo (ancient name for Tokyo in 1750). The name derived from the term Shinau, meaning to Flex or Bend.

I have derived much of my training from the greatest strategist and swordsman Jappan has ever known. Miamoto Musashi.

All threw out history the sword has represented peace and honor. It is a symbol of chivalry and codes that still exist in the military ranks today.

My goal is to teach as many as possible, the way of the sword.

The Shinai is used the same way in kendoball as it is in Kendo, for the most part. Unarmored combat with the Shinai is much more elegant and sophisticated however. One must take extra precautions in a match so as not to injure themselves or their opponent.

Rules of engagement have been created and are explained in detail in the Official NKL Book of Samurai Knights.