Kendoballs are a highly technologically, advanced device used for tagging out your opponent.

This is what makes the sport of kendoball unique.Not sense the romin empire has any other sport on the planet giving you this gladiatorial like aspect of sports like, team based arena style combat. 

A Kendoball has a multitude of uses.

They can be thrown, deflected, bunted, picked up, horded and used in a variety of other ways.

There really is, no wrong way... to use a Kendoball.

They have been used to tag people out from behind in a distance while they are not paying attention on the field. All the way to being dropped by both opponents to have an honorable sword duel in a one on one sword fight regardles of the number of team mates. Many knight choose to fight one on one on the field. Yelling at their own team mates. "This ones MINE!"

Each Kendoball is hand crafted, by our most artistic knights, right here in the U.S.A. using recycled tennis balls. 

A tennis ball that gets to be reincarnated into a Kendoball is one lucky ball indeed. They are now worth about a buck more then even the most expensive pro tournament tennis balls on the market today. And worth every penny!

$5.95 Each