The Fodderball controls the field. It can hold the lines of scrimmage or be used to break through them. It can eliminate one person or an entire team all at once. This is not your ordinary ball. This is Kendoballs center ball.

This is the Fodderball!

The Fodderball is used to control the field.

It is a tough soccer ball with the feel and bounce of a basketball. This sucker hurts when it gets kicked into your head!... If you catch a kicked fodder ball out of the air that opponent is out.

If the ball is captured from the center it can be delivered to either sides goal to open the field.

Once the field is open the lines of scrimmage no longer apply.

The field also gets opened up if the ball goes out of bounds. The last to touch it goes out as well.

Once the Fodderball goes out of bounds it is considered s dead ball. Till then it can be used to seal the breach and close the field back up and even reset the entire game. 

And eliminate every opponent at once.