Many of the NKL Samurai Knights have taken part in teaching the younger generation how to play this unique new sport.

Kendoball is an excellent game for both kids and adults. Parents and older siblings love the sport as much as the little ones and it's a great way to have fun with the entire family just about anyplace, anytime.

T.J. One of our newest players this season Has also helped out with the recruting of players and little league players in parks all around his home town of Longmont. Training the next generation of Knights and doing his part to promote the sport of Kendoball.

Even though T.J. is a heavy hitter in the NKL and a formidable advesary on the field he manages to keep it light and fun for the little ones as he teaches them the basics of swordsmanship and the game of Kendoball.

After 5 years of field testing the sport of Kendoball....

We are litteraly, kid tested and mother approved.

Princess Laya

Player #2 of the NKL Samurai Knights, Little Knights Training Course.

She has two little warriors of her own in the game and is head of the NKL Little Leagues Development 


A wonderfull mother and fantastic group leader.

Laya is a dedicated player and fan of the sport.

Her work with the kids has been amazing. They absolutly adore her.


Player #15 is the assistant coach to the little league knights and even though he's new to the sport and only 15 himself, connor is a remarkable young man and an excelent teacher and outstanding example to the young future knights of Kendoball.